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What Colour

There is more to colour than meets the eye.

Colour can influence our perceptions, touch our emotions, and sway our decisions. We express ourselves with colour everyday, it could be the neon pink band on your underwear that you love to wear to work, or the bright orange accents on your hood. Our pride flags use colour to identify.

For us as designers and artists using colour as a tool to express our creativity and show our brand identity is crucial, colour helps us tell our story. 

We have selected colours from a vast array of pallets to bring you what we feel is the ultimate curation.

Our glow in the dark pallet consists of 6 colours, we use Smooth-on Glow Worm™ Powders and they are designed for use in silicone and are up to 50% brighter than the competition. 

Glow Worm™ Name Glow Colour (Night) Appearance (Day)
Blue/Green Blue Light Green
Yellow/Green Green Light Green
Bold Blue Neon Blue Blue
Creamsicle Neon Orange Orange
Electric Yellow Neon Green/Yellow Yellow
Flamingo Pink Neon Red Pink
Mint Green Neon Green Green
Purple Passion Purple White



We use Silc Pig™ Electric Fluorescent Silicone Pigments. By Smooth-on

These pigments are skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory, when added to your toys colour pallet they appear brighter in ambient light and appear to glow under UV light (black light).

We use four colours from this range Electric Yellow, Electric Purple, Electric Orange, & Electric Pink.