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Size - is bigger getter

We understand that you need to be confident with what you are buying, So we have put together this guide to help you decide what to buy. 

Since we do things a little differently at rexalpha and our sizes aren't the generic small, medium, and large, They are:

  • Pup - Is our entry level size and is found in the Rex range.
  • Omega - Is our basic standard toy with a size range of 15-25cm (6-9.5 inches) of useable length.
  • Beta - Is designed for those that want seek a little bit more of a challenge, the sizes rage from 19-30cm (7-11.5 inches) of useable length. 
  • Alpha - Not for the faint hearted, these toys are big and are designed for those that demand a toy with adventurous depth and girth. Starting at 21cm (10 inches) of useable length. The Alpha size is for the seasoned player! 


What firmness is always a question that pops up, we have put the "shores" in with the firmness options when creating a toy. To break this down a little we use the following:

  • Soft - Shore 00-30, this is floppy, and maybe just a little firmer than a soft penis, its great on a conquest Alpha but not so good on an Atuk Alpha
  • Medium - Shore 00-50, a little softer than a hard penis, a great al round firmness that feels silky
  • Firm - 10A, feels like a rock hard penis, fantastic for toys like rex beta and alpha, it wont buckle under pressure.

we offer Artefacts made from the very same silicone we use in toys, these can be purchased to get an idea of the firmness you need  - HERE

 if your still stuck on what to get, you can ask the pack in our forum - HERE