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Who are rexalpha?

Who are rexalpha?

rexalpha is owned and operated independently by creatives that design, make and package every single toy (we drink a lot of coffee). rexalpha had no commercial backing or professional investment and have grown in popularity by delivering premium quality toys at a fair price. 

We established rexalpha in 2019 and have grown at a steady organic pace ever since. We have a solid fan base and a small network of pack members that help out from time to time with promotional stuffs. 

The most important area of business for us is our customer service department, we totally rely on their communication skills to build and retain the relationships we have with our customers, its not all about complaint handling, and in all honesty we don't get a lot of complaints. We believe this is down to being open and honest from day 1. 

We have bold plans for the coming years, so stay tuned to this blog for all the new and exciting things were going to be working on. 

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