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Blight - the Third Horseman of the Acockalypse

Hidden deep within the murky depths of the swamp, away from prying eyes and the constraints of society, Blight has patiently awaited their summons by Conquest. For centuries, they have lingered in the shadows, biding their time until the call of war echoed through the land, beckoning them to unleash their dark powers upon the unsuspecting world.

But Blight is not like the other servants, nor are they beholden to the rules and norms dictated by the Pantheon. They are a force unto themselves, a rule breaker driven by desire and fuelled by an insatiable hunger for chaos and destruction.

As they emerge from the depths of the swamp, their presence sends shivers down the spines of all who dare to cross their path. Their form is amorphous and ever-shifting, cloaked in shadows and obscured by tendrils of darkness that writhe and coil around them like serpents.

"Close your eyes, for you won't need them," they whisper, their voice a haunting melody that echoes through the air like the tolling of a funeral bell. With a wave of their hand, they send ripples of darkness cascading through the air, enveloping everything in their path in a suffocating embrace.

Blight moves with a grace and fluidity that belies their true nature, slipping effortlessly through the world like a wraith in the night. Their movements are calculated and precise, each step bringing them closer to their prey, whom they hunt with a relentless determination born of centuries of longing and anticipation.

For Blight is not merely a pawn in the game of war, but a force to be reckoned with in their own right. They are the embodiment of darkness and despair, the harbinger of chaos and destruction, and they will stop at nothing to fulfil their twisted desire.

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