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Blight - the Third Horseman of the Acockalypse

Blight - the Third Horseman of the Acockalypse

Hidden in the swamp away from prying eyes Blight has waited patiently to be summoned by Conquest to aid in the wars against the Knights of Pangaea who protect earth from the hordes of god. 


Blight isn't here to conform to what society has taught, they wont follow the rules etched out in the books of man. They are the rule breaker driven by desire and hell bent on their prey.

"Close your eyes for you wont need them" 

Soft rounded textures, a curved shaft and a girthy bottom

They will have you, and, you will quiver.

Blight is part of the THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE ACOCKALYPSE range and is available to purchase from October 14th

 A competition will be held from 14th October until 14th November, if you'd like to take part full T&C's can be found here 

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