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Conquest's origin story is one of ambition, power, and unyielding determination. Born in the fiery crucible of cosmic chaos, Conquest emerged as a being of unparalleled ambition and insatiable hunger for power. From the moment of his inception, he was driven by a singular desire to conquer and dominate all that lay before him.

As he traversed the vast expanse of the cosmos, Conquest encountered worlds and civilizations beyond counting, each offering new challenges and opportunities for conquest. With his fiery eyes ablaze with determination, he forged a path of destruction and subjugation, leaving a trail of conquered realms and broken civilizations in his wake.

His power and influence grew with each victory, as he amassed legions of followers and disciples who worshipped him as a god of war and conquest. His name became synonymous with terror and tyranny, as entire galaxies trembled at the mere mention of his coming.

But amidst the chaos and carnage, Conquest yearned for something more. He sought not only to conquer worlds, but to shape them in his image, to bend the very fabric of reality to his will and establish himself as the supreme ruler of all creation.

Driven by this insatiable thirst for power, Conquest embarked on a quest to seek out the legendary Pantheon, beings of unimaginable cosmic power who held the keys to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Through cunning and manipulation, he forged alliances with other dark entities and waged wars of conquest against rival factions, all in pursuit of his ultimate goal.

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