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Atuk Pup Soft, Pink, Flesh and Grey Shimmer

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A call to arms, Atuk will answer.

Atuk is a training toy so, a gradual stretch and depth can be obtained from Pup to Alpha sizes, the shaft of the toy has a soft rounded head with a long taper moving down to its first knot which is long and intended to gradually open you up before the base knot which has a quick curve at the bottom, that leads to the fur, which reaches the bottom of the shaft to give you a tickle sensation as your ride, and the faster you ride the greater the thrill! 



Atuk, the Andalusian werewolf, a true warrior and loyal Knight of Pangaea. Summoned by Rex to help combat the Four Horsemen. He was born a prince to the Kingdom of Jaén His Farther King Altus was slain by War, the second Horseman during the Heathen wars which ravaged the Iberian peninsula for 30 years. Atuk is fearless & passionate. 


Atuk size in inches 



Silicone firmness is often referred to as "shore" which we know means absolutely nothing to many of you, so we have put together the table below to help explain what this means for you and your toy. Generally speaking, the greater the girth of your toy the firmer it will be. 

rexalpha firmness



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