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Atuk was born a prince to the Kingdom of Jaen, destined for greatness from the moment he entered the world. He underwent rigorous training, honing his skills to become the most formidable combatant in all of Andalusia. Riding by his father’s side, King Altus, Atuk's talent for warfare and strategic planning won numerous battles, earning him titles and accolades befitting a true and loyal knight of Pangaea.

It was during the Heathen wars, a time of great turmoil and strife, that Atuk faced his greatest loss. His father, the mighty king, fell victim to the brutal blade of War, the second of the horsemen. As King Altus lay dying in Atuk’s arms, he whispered a vow of vengeance, charging his son with the task of avenging his death and destroying the horsemen, especially War.

The loss of his father ignited a fire within Atuk, driving him to lead his men with unparalleled passion and ferocity. His leadership turned the tide of battle, pushing the enemy back to their stronghold and inflicting severe losses upon them. However, despite his valiant efforts, Atuk never managed to confront War directly, leaving his oath unfulfilled.

Behind the facade of a good and just king lies a man consumed by smoldering rage and tempered by the deep sadness of his loss. Though he wears a smile for his people, his eyes betray the turmoil within, a constant reminder of the vow he made to his father so many years ago.

Now, called upon by Rex to fight against the advances of the horsemen's evil horde once again, Atuk sees an opportunity for redemption. With the Knights of Pangaea by his side, he may finally have the chance to confront War and fulfill the oath that has haunted him for so long. But as he prepares for battle, Atuk knows that the path to vengeance is fraught with peril, and the price of victory may be higher than he ever imagined.

This origin story establishes Atuk as a skilled warrior and leader driven by a sense of duty and honour. It sets the stage for his role as a key member of the Knights of Pangaea and his personal quest for redemption and vengeance against the Four Horsemen.


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