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AtukAtuk born a prince to the Kingdom of Jaen. Underwent years of training to become the most fierce and expert combatant in all of Andalusia. Riding by his father’s side, King Altus, his talent for warcraft and strategic planning won many battles and gained him many titles and rewards afforded to a true and loyal knight of Pangea.

Fighting in the Heathen wars against the horsemen that sought to bring destruction and chaos to Atuk’s homeland that he faced his greatest loss.  His father, the mighty king, was brutally slain by War the second of the horsemen. As the king lay dying in Atuk’s arms he vowed to avenge his father and destroy the horsemen, especially War.

It has been said that this event changed the course of the battle. Atuk’s passion and ferocity rallied his men and pushed the enemy back to their stronghold severely weakening them so that it would take years for their losses to be recouped. However, Atuk never quite managed to reach War and so his oath goes unfulfilled.

Atuk is a good king, fair and just, but behind the smile his eyes burn with a smouldering rage and tempered by the sadness of his loss. Now has been called upon by rex to fight the advances of the horsemen’s evil hoard once again. He may just have his revenge and fulfil the vow he made to his father so many years ago.   

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