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In the depths of ancient forests, where the whispers of trees carried the secrets of centuries, there lived a being of myth and legend – Rex, the original werewolf and protector of Pangaea. His story was passed down through generations of pack leaders who revered him as the guardian of the natural world.

Long before the rise of civilization, when the earth still bore the untouched beauty of its primordial form, Rex roamed the untamed wilderness. Born under the watchful gaze of the moon, he was imbued with the primal essence of the land itself, becoming the first of his kind – a creature of both man and beast, bound by the ancient magic of the forest.

Through countless trials and tribulations, Rex remained steadfast in his commitment to the land he called home. His bond with the natural world grew ever stronger, until he became one with the very essence of Pangaea itself – a living embodiment of its spirit and its guardian for all time.

And so, the legend of Rex lived on, a testament to the enduring power of nature and the unwavering courage of those who would defend it. For as long as the earth endured, so too would the spirit of the original werewolf, forever watchful, forever vigilant, forever protecting the wild places that were his home.


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