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The Origin  of the Knights

The Origin of the Knights

he Knights of Pangaea were formed by Rex to protect the natural world from the destructive influence of the Pantheon and other forces that seek to control and exploit it. Rex, as the leader of the Knights, recognized the importance of preserving the balance and harmony of Pangaea, ensuring that it remains a sanctuary for all its inhabitants.

The formation of the Knights was driven by Rex's deep connection to the natural world and his sense of duty to defend it from harm. He understood that the Pantheon posed a threat to the very fabric of existence, and he rallied like-minded individuals to join him in the fight against these powerful and malevolent forces.

As the story unfolds, the Knights of Pangaea demonstrate their unwavering commitment to their mission, facing off against the Four Horsemen and other adversaries in a series of epic battles that will determine the fate of Pangaea and its inhabitants.

Ultimately, the Knights were formed to stand as guardians of the natural world, protecting it from those who seek to exploit and manipulate it for their own gain. Theirs is a noble and courageous quest, driven by a desire to preserve the beauty and wonder of Pangaea for generations to come.

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