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Atuk Review By DeltoyaToys

Atuk Review By DeltoyaToys

«The legend tells that Atuk was born as a prince of the Kingdom of Jaén. He spent years of training to become the fiercest and most skilled fighter in all of Andalusia. Riding alongside his father, King Altus, his talent for warfare and strategic planning won him many battles and earned him many titles and rewards for a true and loyal knight of Pangea.

Fighting in the pagan wars against the horsemen who sought to bring destruction and chaos to Atuk's homeland, he faced his greatest loss. His father, the mighty king, was brutally murdered by War , the second of the horsemen. As the king lay dying in Atuk's arms, he swore to avenge his father and destroy the horsemen, especially War.

It has been said that this event changed the course of the battle. Atuk's passion and ferocity rallied his men and drove the enemy into his fortress, severely weakening them so that it would take years to recoup his losses. However, Atuk never made it to War, so his oath was not fulfilled.

Atuk is a good king, fair and just, but behind the smile his eyes burn with latent rage and are tempered by sadness at his loss. He now he has been called by Rex to fight once more against the advances of the evil horsemen treasure. He may get revenge and keep the promise he made to his father all those years ago."

And it is for these things that I love Rexalpha , a brand that not only designs and manufactures dildos with fantasy shapes, but also gives them a whole story. I understand that for many this is nothing more than nonsense but it will be that with age I become more romantic. I already told you about Rexalpha when I introduced you to Lindorm , a creature from Norse mythology.
Another of the many reasons why I like Rexalpha over other brands is because of the good taste and skill they have when it comes to mixing colors creating unique patterns in each design.


From the beginning, the guys at Rexalpha were very clear that they were going to try to minimize any environmental impact and the packaging is proof of this. You will receive the dildo in a discreet cardboard box sealed with an adhesive paper seal. Once opened you will see that the content is protected by strips of paper that you can easily reuse to decorate a gift.


  • Dildos.
  • Logo keychain.
  • Sample of the silicone with the chosen colors and firmness.
  • Brochure with care information.


Atuk is a dildo made of platinum silicone, the highest quality, with which surgical material, nipples for bottles and pacifiers or kitchen utensils are also made. In my case, I received the medium-small size, which they have called Omega , but I leave you a table below with the measurements of each model so that it is easier for you to know which would be your best size (and please, just as you don't recommend going to the supermarket hungry, I don't recommend buying dildos when you're hot, which later when you get a dildo the size of Michelangelo's David only serves as a door holder in winter, and it's a shame).

Another point in favor of Rexalpha is that you have the option of buying the dildo that you like the most in a single color, combining several to your liking with different effects or, like me, letting them surprise you (I already told you that the guys at Rexalpha have an exquisite mastery, that's why I let them surprise me with their creations and the truth is that they surpass themselves with each design. Have you seen a dildo more beautiful than mine?).

Despite his wild form, Atuk could be considered a training dildo. The pointed head is perfect to favor a soft and gradual insertion, just like the trunk, which increases its thickness very little by little. Once you have passed the first half of the dildo you will notice how it becomes narrower (as if it were a plug) but it will be later when things get more serious, since you will reach the characteristic knot of canine-inspired dildos.

Finally, your ass will rest on strands that might look like flares, but actually represent Atuk 's pubic hair . These filaments are separated from the trunk of the dildo, so a hole is created that will collect all the lubricant that slips. I do not know if this detail was intentional but honestly the idea is good.

Rexalpha dildos don't have a suction cup, but they don't need it either. The bases are so wide and heavy that you will not need to be holding it during the time you are using it. Even so, during the purchase process, in addition to the colors, size and firmness, you will have the option to choose if you prefer your dildo with a flat base or incorporate the « Vac-u-Lock » system to use it with a suction cup or even place it on a sex machines


The silicone used by the guys at Rexalpha is not what we call "dust catcher" but get used to always washing the dildo before each use to avoid rubbing with particles that are not visible to the naked eye. To use it, use only water-based lubricant and remember that in these cases "less is not more". Once it is completely dry you can store it and if it is protected with a cloth bag or similar much better.


  • High quality silicone.
  • Option to choose size, color composition and firmness of your choice.
  • Original and ergonomic designs.


  • It lacks a storage bag.


Perhaps Rexalpha is not the company with the most number of different designs, but each new creation is conscientiously designed and when it comes to using it, it shows. I am in love with the design of my Atuk and, in fact, I have it placed in the window of my living room.

If you want your design to be as spectacular as possible, I advise you to add some metallic color along with a solid color. I assure you that you will be the envy of the neighborhood.

*Note: I want to thank Rexalpha for trusting me and sending me these products in exchange for an honest and candid review.


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