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Rex review by Andrea Acosta

Rex review by Andrea Acosta

They say that these are times of dragons (as if HBO did not know), however, today I’m not here to talk to you about such winged creatures, but about one very particular, one very close to the canis lupus.


Thanks to Rexalpha, here is the combative, the colossal, the furious: REX

rex and knotted dildo

REX is made of platinum silicone. It has a sharp head and a body that, little by little, thickens into a wavy and delightful axis leading you to the thickened knot. The exquisite details give it an extra touch of realism as well as a greater sensitivity.  Its creators allow you to choose the style, color, size, firmness and base. I strongly recommend that you have a look at the table on their website.

It all arrived in a completely discreet packaging and in my case, contained:


  • The dildo
  • A brochure
  • A Guide
  • The company logo (leftover silicone coaster)


The best way to welcome Rex to our pack is to immerse him in a bath of warm and soapy water and if possible, using an aseptic product suitable for toys. As for its use, it is essential that you get a good quality water lubricant. Once this done, wash it before and after the consequent encounters, let it air dry and keep it in a sachet to isolate it from dust and other annoying particles.



  • The touch is pleasant
  • The originality of its limited but groundbreaking designs
  • Completely discreet shipping
  • The elaboration, packaging and other elements are eco-friendly
  • Easy cleaning
  • It is suitable for both vaginal and anal penetration
  • The advantage of giving life to our own dildo in terms of colors, style, size, firmness and base
  • Ergonomic, as its design favors insertion and gradually prepares the hole for the thickened roller coaster




  • It is not a suitable dildo for people with little experience in the wide and diverse world of adult toys of this nature
  • Due to the material from which it is made, it tends to attract dust and other particles.
  • Comes without storage bag



REX challenges you, challenges you to experience the ride of your life.  Now, it’s for you to decide whether to take or not…


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